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The Economist / Donald Trump’s reset on Islam

  • President Trump delivered a speech to dozens of Sunni muslim leaders in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Trump’s appeal to fight extremism, which he now says is “not a battle between different faiths”, but “between good and evil”, seemed to go down well in Riyadh.
  • Trump did not push his audience on their generally poor human rights record. “We are not here to lecture,” said Trump. “We are not here to tell other people…what to do.”
  • The U.S. President then proceeded to ask Muslim nations to “drive out the terrorists and extremists.”
  • In his speech, Trump blamed Iran for most of the region’s problems.

The Guardian—M. Safi / Kashmir conflict shifts with top militant vowing fight is for an Islamic state

  • Zakir Musa, the 22-year-old commander of Kashmir’s largest anti-India militia, has distanced himself from the traditional goals of the independence movement in the valley, stating that his fight is “exclusively for Islam, so that Sharia [Islamic law] is established here”.
  • Musa: “I see that many people in Kashmir are engaged in a war of nationalism, which is forbidden in Islam […]
  • Musa is part of a new generation of anti-India fighters whose numbers are small, but receive considerable social media attention. In a video shared recently by the group, a militant says that “anyone who waves the Pakistan flag will be our enemy.”
  • The All Parties Hurriyat Conference, an alliance of Kashmiri separatist groups comprising the traditional leaders of the movement, issued a press release claiming that “our movement has nothing to do with these world level groups [Islamic State and al-Qaida] and practically they are non-existent in our state.” Muse then proceeded to threaten the leaders of the alliance.
  • Ayesha Siddiqa, expert in Pakistan military policy: if Musa’s views gain popularity, they “will completely change the character of the Kashmir struggle, which was secular, to something that a lot of people would not want.”

Foreign Affairs—O. Cass / Catastrophe and the climate

  • Science is clear that climate change is happening, but climate catastrophists underestimate humanity’s capacity to cope with change.
  • Increased wealth and resilience will improve society’s ability to deal with natural disasters, reducing such disasters’ disruptive force faster than climate change can increase it.
  • Gains in agricultural productivity and water management will outpace the stresses that climate change might impose.
  • Michael Mann disagrees with these views, arguing that “the fact that inaction on climate change costs far more than action does betrays Cass’ claim that economic growth will more than compensate for the harms of environmental damage.”

World Bank / Innovate4Climate: Finance and Markets Week

  • The World Bank Group is supporting the “Innovate4Climate – Finance & Markets Week” in Barcelona, Spain from May 22-26, 2017.
  • The first edition features a forum with high level government representatives, finance and business leaders focused on unlocking private sector investment needed to scale up national climate plans and to accelerate the global transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient future.
  • Greening the finance sector; de-risking investments; driving low-carbon pathways through transformative policies and carbon pricing; and supporting the implementation of NDCs around the world are a few of the topics of this new global platform to advance the post-2015 framework.

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