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The Economist / The best way out of the Brexit mess

  • Many argue that British MPs should vote for what they believe to be a damaging plan, out of respect for the Brexit referendum. They are wrong. Their argument rests on a flawed assumption: that the majority for Leave in 2016 means any resulting deal reflects the will of the people.
  • Prime Minister Theresa May is right that MPs should take into account what the public think. So should she: not by guessing, but by calling on them to vote.
  • To be sure, a second referendum would cause lasting resentment and would fuel populist parties peddling the stab-in-the-back theory. Yet to rule it out on this basis ignores how any softish Brexit deal – like PM May’s plan – would also be denounced as a betrayal and a sell-out.
  • It would be unwise to push through a deal in the name of the people amid evidence that the people were unconvinced. Now that people know what Brexit really means, they deserve the chance to say whether they still want it.
  • Euractiv – Benjamin Fox / May rejects plea to delay Brexit vote

The New York Times – Martin Griffiths / Renewed hope for peace in Yemen

  • This week’s peace talks in Sweden can bring good news for the Yemeni port city of Al Hudaydah. A negotiated agreement is being developed to spare both the city and port the threat of destruction, and guarantee the full operation of the port – the main humanitarian pipeline for the people of Yemen.
  • A long-awaited agreement on the exchange of prisoners will be announced, the first formal agreement between the two parties since the beginning of this conflict.
  • By the end of this round of talks, the Yemeni parties will hopefully agree on the outline of an eventual comprehensive agreement. But ending a war is not the same as building peace.
  • At no other time has there been such a palpable international urge for the warring parties in Yemen to find a solution. Yemen has been on the top of the agenda for the United Nations secretary general, and the Security Council is united in the desire to end this conflict.

The Guardian – Kate Connolly / Germany’s CDU party to vote on Angela Merkel’s successor

  • Germany’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) meets today to decide on a new party leader. Over 1,000 party delegates will be eligible to decide between Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (Angela Merkel’s favored candidate), millionaire businessman Friedrich Merz, and health minister Jens Spahn.
  • Of the delegates selected by region to vote, 150 are MPs. Observers believe that they at least will be likely to be more in favour of continuity – that is Kramp-Karrenbauer – so as not to risk losing their seats if there is a new election.
  • A poll by Deutschlandtrend of CDU members – which gives no clear steer as to how the 1,000 delegates will decide – showed Kramp-Karrenbauer to be on 47%, up 1% from a few days ago, Merz on 37, a rise of six points, and Spahn on 12.
  • The vote is due to take place this afternoon, and unless one candidate wins a clear majority, is expected to continue into a second round runoff between the two most popular candidates. A final result is expected this evening.

The New York Times – Michael Schwirtz / In blow to Haley, UN rejects measure condemning Hamas

  • The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday rejected a resolution proposed by the United States to condemn the Islamic militant group Hamas for violence against Israel.
  • A procedural maneuver by a group of Arab countries, led by Kuwait, required a two-thirds majority for the measure to pass. The final tally was 87 in favor to 58 opposed, with 32 abstentions.
  • Though the body has voted many times to condemn Israel, never once has it passed a resolution critical of Hamas.
  • The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has been paralyzed while the Trump administration completes a long-awaited and secretive proposal, led by President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. It is unclear when Kushner plans to unveil the plan.
  • Bloomberg – Jennifer Jacobs & Nick Wadhams / Trump to pick Nauert to replace Haley as UN Ambassador, sources say

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