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Financial Times – Gregory Meyer / Trump eases environmental rules during pandemic

  • The Trump administration’s march to reshape federal environmental protection has gathered pace during the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in lighter regulation of America’s air and water.
  • President Donald Trump has ordered officials to find ways to speed up construction of highway or pipeline projects that could circumvent environmental reviews.
  • The EPA this spring also has published rules on air, water and fuel that scrap the work of the Obama administration. Last Thursday, it abandoned oversight of perchlorate in drinking water, dropping its stance on a chemical that can harm infants’ brains.
  • The two-pronged effort includes temporary measures aimed at fostering economic activity as well as permanent rule changes that are being pushed through in time to prevent Democrats from using a little-known legislative tool to overturn them.
  • Bloomberg – Breanna T Bradham / Most Americans say government must do more to fight climate change

Foreign Policy – Martin Gelin / Japan radically increased immigration–and no one protested

  • Even as immigration grows in this traditionally homogenous country, Japan appears to be avoiding the organized far-right backlash that has coursed through the West in recent years.
  • Despite Japan’s reputation as closed-off, homogenous, and xenophobic, a large increase in immigration has mostly been met with a shrug.
  • Shinzo Abe has based his support for the changing immigration policy not on any humanitarian concerns but rather on pragmatic, demographic argument.
  • With unemployment consistently below 3 percent in recent years, even after the pandemic, employers are increasingly raising alarms about labor shortages.
  • The Atlantic – Rachel Donadio / The death of cosmopolitanism

The New York Times – Matina Stevis-Gridneff / E.U. may bar American travelers as it reopens borders, citing failures on virus

  • European Union countries rushing to revive their economies and reopen their borders after months of coronavirus restrictions are prepared to block Americans from entering because the United States has failed to control the scourge.
  • That prospect, which would lump American visitors in with Russians and Brazilians as unwelcome, is a stinging blow to American prestige in the world and a repudiation of President Trump’s handling of the virus in the United States.
  • Millions of American tourists visit Europe every summer. Business travel is common, given the huge economic ties between the United States and the E.U. It is highly unlikely an exception would be made for the United States.
  • The forging of a common list of outsiders who can enter the bloc is part of an effort by the European Union to fully reopen internal borders among its 27 member states.
  • Euractiv / EU nations could block US, Russian tourists over virus response

The Guardian – Patrick Wintour / Rise of Iran hardliners threatens nuclear diplomacy, Europe warned

  • European diplomats are being urged to restart shuttle diplomacy with Iran after the US presidential election in November or risk Tehran hardliners gaining still wider control of Iran’s many layers of government and its economy.
  • But the deal limiting Iran’s nuclear programme, signed in 2015, is hanging by a thread after the UN nuclear watchdog the IAEA declared for the first time that Iran was not cooperating with its inspectors at two key nuclear sites. 
  • Diplomats are debating whether the political trends in Iran have already flowed so strongly in favour of those opposed to engagement with the west that the option of a revived deal has been lost for the foreseeable future.
  • Ellie Geranmayeh, an Iranian specialist at the European council on foreign relations, claims in a report that the path of engagement is not yet closed. She warns that it will close without an imminent western economic offer.
  • Al-Monitor – Leila Alikarami / Parliament alone cannot stop honor killings in Iran

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