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EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 26/10/2020

EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 26/10/2020

Politico – Paola Tamma / EU officials hit out at Ankara after Erdogan attacks Macron

  • Top EU officials jumped into a diplomatic tussle with Turkey on Sunday after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan questioned Emmanuel Macron’s mental health, prompting Paris to recall its ambassador to Ankara.
  • EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas joined the fray as Turkey doubled down on criticism of the French president and the EU, the day after Erdoğan’s attack on Macron over his stance on Islam.
  • Borrell tweeted, in French, that Erdoğan’s words are “unacceptable. I call on Turkey to stop this dangerous spiral of confrontation.” Erdoğan declared Saturday that Macron needs “mental treatment” over his view of Islam.
  • Tensions between the EU and Ankara have risen in recent months, particularly over maritime disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean, which pit EU members Greece and Cyprus against Turkey. France has taken a particularly hard line against Turkey on those disputes and a range of other issues.
  • Euractiv – Louise Rozès Moscovenko / France says it won’t forget ‘silence’ of some states after teacher beheading

The New York Times – Andrew E. Kramer / She used to clean City Hall. Now, she runs it.

  • With election day looming, Nikolai Loktev was in a panic: The mayor of a tiny village of log houses, wood-burning stoves and rutted dirt roads 300 miles east of Moscow, he was running for re-election unopposed.
  • When he finally found who he thought was a willing patsy in the person of one Marina Udgodskaya, who cleans city hall, he thought his troubles were over. But then she won.
  • Nobody was more surprised than Ms. Udgodskaya, who did not campaign and who said she had agreed to run in the election last month only to help her boss.
  • She agreed to be sworn in, more than doubling her salary to 29,000 rubles, or about $380 a month, and settled into the mayor’s office in city hall before isolating at home last week because of a coronavirus scare.
  • Foreign Policy  – Eric Bjornlund / Here’s how the 2020 U.S. elections resemble those of fragile democracies

Al-Jazeera / ‘Ignition of new war:’ Sudan political parties reject Israel deal

  • Sudanese political parties have rejected the government’s decision to normalise relations with Israel, with officials saying they will form an opposition front against the agreement.
  • Dozens of Sudanese people demonstrated in the capital Khartoum on Friday following the joint statement from Israel, Sudan and the United States on Friday saying that the two countries agreed to “end the state of belligerence between their nations”.
  • Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the deal and said the only path towards peace is by resorting to international law to make Israel end its occupation of Palestinian territories.
  • On Saturday, Iran’s foreign ministry slammed Sudan’s move, saying: “Pay enough ransom, close your eyes on the crimes against Palestinians, then you’ll be taken off the so-called ‘terrorism’ blacklist.”
  • Project Syndicate – Mark Leonard / The Middle Eastern past is never dead

The Guardian – Justin McCurry / Japan will become carbon neutral by 2050, PM pledges

  • Japan’s prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, has said the country will become carbon neutral by 2050, heralding a bolder approach to tackling the climate emergency by the world’s third-biggest economy.
  • “Responding to climate change is no longer a constraint on economic growth,” Suga said on Monday in his first policy address to parliament since taking office.
  • Japan had come under pressure to strengthen its climate commitments after initially saying that it would achieve an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050 followed by carbon neutrality “as soon as possible” in the second half of the century.
  • The policy shift brings Japan into line with the European Union, which set itself a similar target last year, while China recently announced it would become carbon-free by 2060.
  • Bloomberg – Isabel Reynolds / Suga pledges carbon neutral Japan by 2050 in policy speech

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