Vladimir Putin in Israel

An event to follow closely given what is taking place in the Middle East: “Vladimir Putin in Israel”, deep analysis by George Friedman:

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Israel on June 25 for his first state visit since retaking the presidency. The visit was arranged in mid-May, and so at least part of the agenda was set, given events in Syria and Egypt.

The interesting thing about Israel and Russia is that while they seem to be operating in the same areas of interest and their agendas seem disconnected, their interests are not always opposed. It is easy to identify places they both care about but more difficult to identify ways in which they connect. It is therefore difficult to identify the significance of the visit beyond that it happened (from Azerbaijan, to the United States or Syria).

To read the full article: http://www.stratfor.com/weekly/putins-visit-and-israeli-russian-relations

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