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China’s vice-premier’s expectations for ties with Europe

Li Keqiang, China’s vice-premier and potential candidate for premier this year, taking over Wen Jiabao, writes today an op-ed in the Financial Times in relation to his upcoming visit to the EU.

I would like to highlight some of his ideas exposed in the article on China-EU relations:

China firmly supports the integration of Europe and regards the EU as a strategic partner that deserves our confidence.

We hope to see a united, strong and prosperous Europe. Despite the debt problems encountered by some EU countries, Europe, with its solid economic foundation and scientific and technological strength, can beat the crisis and turn it into an opportunity for greater progress.

In fighting the debt crisis, EU countries have enhanced co-operation and carried out reform with tremendous courage. This is laudable.

China firmly supports Europe both in words and in deeds in its efforts to overcome the current crisis.

We hope to see a more open and co-operative Europe. Economically, both regions have much to benefit from each other’s strength; this is the defining feature of China-EU relations. When “designed in Europe” is combined with “made in China” and when European technologies are applied to the Chinese market, there will be amazing results.

Today, more than $1.5bn of goods are exchanged between China and Europe daily, testifying to ever closer ties. China-EU co-operation in innovaiton is also making steady progress. It is estimated that every percentage point of increase in the EU’s high tech exports to China will generate at least €2.2 bn of additional exports.

Relaxing control over high-tech exports is therefore conducive to strengthening China-EU economic ties – and is thus beneficial for both sides.

The world today needs both western thinking and oriental vision. If China and Europe  can both achieve success by development models suited to their respective conditions, we will make the world more harmonious and prosperous.

China and Europe are strategic partners. We are ready to work with Europe to ensure our mutual hopes will enhance trust, support and cooperation. China and Europe can progress and develop together.

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