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EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 13/09/2021

EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 13/09/2021

Politico – Matthew Karnitschnig / Another debate win for Scholz puts German chancellery in reach

  • In Sunday’s “Triell,” the penultimate three-way debate between the leading candidates for German chancellor, frontrunner Olaf Scholz, the SPD standard-bearer and current vice chancellor, emerged once again as the clear victor. 
  • A pair of blitz polls following the debate concluded that viewers found Scholz to be the strongest candidate in the race — by a healthy margin — across a range of criteria, from likeability to competence.  
  • With the center-left SPD leading the pack by as much as 6 percentage points in some polls and less than two weeks until election day, the race to succeed Angela Merkel is now Scholz’s to lose. 
  • That would put him in the driver’s seat to cobble together a coalition, with polls pointing to either a tie-up with the Greens and the pro-business Free Democrats or a left-wing alliance with the Greens and Left. 
  • Financial Times – Guy Chazan / Scholz endures Laschet grilling in German election debate

The Guardian – Angelique Chrisafis / Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo to run for French presidency

  • The Socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has announced a bid for the French presidency, saying that as a woman with working-class, immigrant roots she will try to repair the anger and divisions in French society and win back low-income workers disillusioned with the left.
  • “The Republican model is disintegrating before our eyes,” Hidalgo told supporters gathered on the docks in Rouen, Normandy. She warned of growing inequalities, saying: “I want all children in France to have the same opportunities I had.”
  • Hidalgo, 62, is the first female mayor of Paris and is best known for her campaign to reduce the number of cars in the French capital, increase the number of bike lanes and make the city greener.
  • Hidalgo, who wants to re-industrialise France, bring back factories from abroad, install a low-carbon economy and raise salaries, has spent the summer trying to build her profile outside Paris by travelling the country from villages to small towns.
  • Euractiv – Clara Bauer-Babef / Paris mayor announces her presidential bid

Bloomberg – Michelle Fay Cortez / Here’s what the next six months of the pandemic will bring

  • For anyone hoping to see light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel over the next three to six months, scientists have some bad news: Brace for more of what we’ve already been through. 
  • Outbreaks will close schools and cancel classes. Vaccinated nursing home residents will face renewed fears of infection. Workers will weigh the danger of returning to the office as hospitals are overwhelmed, once again.
  • Almost everyone will be either infected or vaccinated before the pandemic ends, experts agree. Maybe both. An unlucky few will contract the virus more than once.
  • The next few months will be rough. One key danger is if a vaccine-resistant variant develops, although it is not the only risk ahead. In the coming months, Bloomberg will explore the pandemic’s long-term impact on economies and markets, the pharmaceutical industry, travel and more.
  • The Economist / A perfect storm for container shipping

Foreign Affairs – Alice Hill / The United States isn’t ready for the new phase of climate change

  • For decades, scientists have warned that climate change would unleash ferocious natural disasters unlike anything in recorded human history. They predicted that ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions would cause global temperatures to rise, touching off a vicious cycle of longer and hotter heat waves, deeper droughts, and bigger storms. 
  • Most decision-makers, however, treated climate-fueled disasters as the stuff of a distant future. And those who actively worked to fight climate change worried primarily about mitigation—reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Adapting to climate extremes received second billing.
  • In 2021, however, the natural disasters long foretold by scientists arrived with a vengeance. As Washington reckons with this terrifying new reality, it should give climate adaptation its due. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions alone is no longer enough to stave off the worsening effects of a warming world.
  • Americans must therefore finally begin to make dramatic changes in the way they build, plan, and live their lives—all while continuing to reduce their emissions. The right way to initiate this complex nationwide process is with a national adaptation strategy that identifies the United States’ major vulnerabilities, lays out its shared priorities, and incorporates climate risk into every level of public decision-making.
  • The New York Times – Hiroko Tabuchi / Biden outlines a plan for cleaner jet fuel. But how clean would it be?

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