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EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 06/10/2021

EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 06/10/2021

Reuters – Simon Lewis and Richard Lough / US’ Blinken talks European security cooperation with France´s Macron

  • U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday discussed a French push for more security cooperation among European nations, a U.S. official said during a visit to try to repair a rift with Paris.
  • Blinken told Macron that Washington was “certainly supportive of European defence and security initiatives” that can increase capabilities but do not undermine the NATO alliance, a senior U.S. State Department official said.
  • “We view that as a complement to NATO and the president’s (Joe Biden’s) commitment to NATO, as you all know, is ironclad,” the official said.
  • Blinken later attended meetings of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris.
  • Euractiv – Alexandra Brzozowski / EU leaders caught in either-or argument over European defence strategy

Financial Times – Demetri Sevastopulo / US and Chinese officials to hold high-level meeting in Switzerland

  • Top US and Chinese officials will hold a meeting this week in Switzerland that will include negotiations about a possible virtual summit between President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, his Chinese counterpart.
  • Jake Sullivan, US national security adviser, will meet Yang Jiechi, China’s top foreign policy official, on Wednesday, according to three people familiar with the situation. One person said the two sides were moving closer to arranging a virtual summit between the two leaders.
  • The White House later said Sullivan would meet Yang in Zurich. “They will follow up on President Biden’s . . . call with President Xi as we continue to seek to responsibly manage the competition between the United States and the People’s Republic of China,” it said.
  • The meeting will be the most senior face-to-face engagement since Sullivan and Antony Blinken, US secretary of state, met Yang and Wang in Alaska in March.
  • South China Morning Post – Lawrence Chung / Beijing capable of Taiwan invasion by 2025, island´s defence minister says amid expanding PLA sorties

The Guardian – Damian Carrington / Historical climate emissions reveal responsibility of big polluting nations

  • Analysis of the total carbon dioxide emissions of countries since 1850 has revealed the nations with the greatest historical responsibility for the climate emergency.
  • But six of the top 10 have yet to make ambitious new pledges to cut their emissions before the crucial UN Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow in November.
  • The six include China, Russia and Brazil, which come only behind the US as the biggest cumulative polluters. The UK is eighth and Canada is 10th.
  • Carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere for centuries and the cumulative amount of CO2 emitted is closely linked to the 1.2C of heating the world has already seen.
  • Bloomberg – Vanessa Dezem and William Wilkes / European industry is buckling under a worsening energy squeeze

The New York Times – Cecilia Kang / Facebook whistle-blower urges lawmakers to regulate the company

  • The testimony of Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, is likely to increase pressure on US lawmakers to undertake concrete legislative actions against the formerly untouchable tech company, following years of hearings and circular discussions about big tech’s growing power.
  • In a hearing on Tuesday, the whistleblower shared internal Facebook reports with Congress and argued the company puts “astronomical profits before people”, harms children and is destabilizing democracies.
  • After years of sparring over the role of tech companies in past American elections, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle on Tuesday appeared to agree on the need for new regulations that would change how Facebook targets users and amplifies content.
  • Throughout the morning, Congress members leveled questions at Haugen about what specifically could and should be done to address the harms caused by Facebook.
  • CNBC – Salvador Rodriguez / Zuckerberg rejects claims that Facebook prioritizes profits over user safety

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