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EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 08/11/2021

EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 08/11/2021

The Guardian – Vincent Ni / Xi Jinping to lay out vision for China’s future – and past – at key meeting

  • A meeting of hundreds of members of China’s political elite, which is expected to further consolidate the power of president Xi Jinping, has opened in Beijing.
  • The closed-door, four-day meeting of the ruling Chinese Communist party’s central committee, known as the sixth plenum, is expected to produce a resolution on the history of the party, which analysts say will shape domestic politics and society for decades to come.
  • The historical resolution will be just the third since the founding of the party, following in the footsteps of Mao Zedong, who set out the aims of the party in 1945 with himself as the only true leader, and Deng Xiaoping, whose 1981 resolution condemned the failures of Mao’s rule while salvaging the party.
  • “The 1945 resolution affirmed Mao’s leadership in the CCP, and the 1981 resolution was about turning a new page from the decade-long destructive chaos of Cultural Revolution Mao created,” said Dali Yang, a China expert at the University of Chicago. “This year’s resolution will be somewhere in between – the party’s past and Xi’s future.”
  • South China Morning Post – Jun Mai / China’s Communist Party is about to pass a new resolution. Here’s what to expect

Financial Times – Kiran Stacey and Camilla Hodgson / US set to wrap up COP26 with little to show on climate

  • Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and dozens of members of Congress will converge on Glasgow this week, as COP26 enters its final few days, without any prospect of the US passing key climate-focused legislation before it ends.
  • The senior US politicians will fly to Scotland following a frantic few days on Capitol Hill, where US President Joe Biden managed to get his signature infrastructure bill through Congress, though without any of the major climate initiatives he had promised.
  • Many of those have instead been placed into a second piece of legislation, the fate of which remains uncertain as moderate Democrats continue to hold out for more information on how it will be paid for.
  • With days left until the end of the summit, climate activists have expressed disappointment about the lack of firm US commitments. But they are hoping the presence of so many members of Congress in Glasgow will give them a chance to press the case for passing Biden’s $1.75tn social security package, which includes around $550bn of environmental provisions.
  • Bloomberg – Akshat Rathi / Protestors expose the stark reality of climate progress at COP26

The Hill – Morgan Chalfant / Biden hails passage of infrastructure bill: ‘long overdue’

  • President Biden on Saturday hailed passage of the mammoth $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, describing it as a transformative measure that will reshape the U.S. transportation system, create jobs and prove to the American public that federal policymakers can deliver.
  • “We did something that’s long overdue, that long has been talked about in Washington but never actually been done,” Biden said in remarks from the White House’s State Dining Room just hours after the measure passed the House in a vote late Friday night.
  • The president described the bill as a “once-in-a-generation investment” that would put the U.S. on a path to “win the economic competition of the 21st century.”
  • Biden said he planned to enact the measure at a signing ceremony “soon” but acknowledged it wouldn’t be this weekend, noting he wants lawmakers who helped get the bill across the finish line to attend.
  • The Washington Post – Karina Elwood / Democrats search for political identity amid dismal election results and legislative triumph

Financial Times – Chloe Cornish and Najmeh Bozorgmehr / Iraqi prime minister survives assassination attempt by drone

  • Iraq’s outgoing prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has survived an assassination attempt, the Iraqi military said, after an exploding drone targeted the premier’s residence in Baghdad early on Sunday.
  • Kadhimi, who was not seriously hurt, labelled the attack “missiles of treachery” and called for restraint. The Iraqi military said it was taking “appropriate measures,” but did not identify who was suspected to be behind the attack. Several of the prime minister’s bodyguards are reported to be injured.
  • The attempted assassination has escalated tensions as political parties seek to form a new government following last month’s election. Iran-backed political groups, who view Kadhimi as pro-US, have refused to accept the results.
  • The pro-Iran Fatah Alliance secured just 16 seats, down from 48, a reflection of low turnout, poor electoral tactics and public anger at militia violence. Fatah leader Hadi al-Amiri on Sunday condemned the attack on Kadhimi and called for an investigation.
  • Carnegie – Harith Hasan / Low turnout, high drama

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