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EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 12/11/2021

EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 12/11/2021

South China Morning Post – Josephine Ma and William Zheng / Chinese Communist Party resolution cements Xi Jinping’s leadership, putting him on par with Mao, and paves way for legacy-defining third term

  • Xi Jinping has been hailed as the creator of a body of “theories and thoughts” in a historical Chinese Communist Party resolution, putting him on par with party immortals Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.
  • The resolution adopted on Thursday sets the stage for next year’s sweeping leadership reshuffle and paves the way for a legacy-defining third term for the president.
  • In a communique issued at the closure of the sixth plenum, a four-day gathering of China’s top political elite, it summarised the challenges and achievements of the party over the past 100 years. The lion’s share was devoted to highlighting the achievements and progress made under Xi since his ascent to power in 2012.
  • These included the swift and sweeping changes Beijing made to Hong Kong after the 2019 mass protests, which were listed as a major accomplishment along with the wars on corruption and pollution.
  • Foreign Policy – James Palmer / How will Xi Jinping rewrite history?

Financial Times – Camilla Hodgson and Leslie Hook / New plans emerge as clock ticks on accord for global carbon market rules

  • With the clock ticking to the end of the Glasgow COP26 climate summit, a key element remains unresolved: the rules for global carbon markets that experts believe are critical to cutting the emissions behind climate change.
  • Signs of breakthrough on one front emerged on Thursday as negotiators put forward a plan to create two types of emissions credits in order to resolve issues that have been outstanding for years.
  • The so-called “Article 6” rules for carbon markets are a subject of fierce debate and a contributor to the derailment of the previous COP in Madrid in 2019, which was broadly judged a failure.
  • The rules would pave the way for a system under which countries that have exceeded their climate targets would be able to sell units representing emissions reductions to other countries to use to meet their own commitments. They would also create a new market for the trading of the units by the public and private sectors.
  • Bloomberg – Emma Ross-Thomas / The COP26 endgame: what to watch if you´re just tuning in

Financial Times – Sam Fleming / EU economy’s recovery from pandemic faces ‘mounting headwinds’, warns Brussels

  • Supply chain bottlenecks and rising energy costs threaten to constrain the EU’s recovery from the pandemic despite a recent pick-up in growth, the European Commission has warned.
  • Economic growth in the EU and euro area would reach 5 per cent this year, the commission said in its autumn report on the economy, quicker than the 4.8 per cent pace it previously expected.
  • But it warned of “mounting headwinds” as a result of logistics logjams, strained supply chains and shortages of raw materials, which are hitting Germany, Europe’s largest economy, and other manufacturing centres.
  • Brussels is also worried that an acceleration in Covid-19 cases could mar the EU’s economic prospects, especially in countries where vaccination rates are low.
  • Associated Press / Germany’s economic advisers cut 2021 growth forecast

The Guardian – Andrew Roth / Belarus threatens to cut gas deliveries to EU if sanctioned over border crisis

  • Alexander Lukashenko has threatened to cut deliveries of gas to Europe via a major pipeline as the Belarusian leader promised to retaliate against any new EU sanctions imposed in response to the crisis at the Poland-Belarus border.
  • Backed by the Kremlin, Lukashenko has struck a defiant note after inciting a migrant crisis at the border, where thousands of people, mainly from Middle Eastern countries, are camped out as temperatures plunge below freezing.
  • Meanwhile thousands marched through the streets of Warsaw to mark Poland’s Independence Day, including far-right groups calling for the government to prevent migrants from entering the country illegally.
  • Polish authorities have taken a hardline stance on the crisis, instituting a state of emergency in the border region that allows police to ignore asylum requests and summarily expel migrants. It also prevents NGOs and journalists from entering the border zone.
  • Reuters – Michelle Nichols / Russia, Western nations row at U.N. over Belarus migrant crisis

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