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EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 10/05/2022

EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 10/05/2022

The Guardian – Shaun Walker / Putin uses Victory Day speech to rehash list of grievances against west

  • Two presidents and two speeches for Victory Day: from Vladimir Putin in Moscow and Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Kyiv.
  • Both presidents talked more about the present day than the past. Both insisted their enemies today were the heirs of the Nazis, and both promised their countries would succeed in what they both said was a defensive war they had been forced to fight. There, however, the similarities between the two addresses by Putin and Zelenskiy came to an end.
  • The first difference was stylistic: Putin was surrounded by the pomp and militarism of the annual Red Square parade, riffing on a topic he has been angry about for years. Zelenskiy, strolling along Kyiv’s main street and delivering a casual but impassioned speech straight into the camera, cut a very different figure, as he has since the start of the war.
  • But the main difference was that for most people existing beyond the reach of Russian state television, Zelenskiy’s arguments were likely to be a lot more convincing than Putin’s.
  • Financial Times – Gideon Rachman / Ukraine and the shadow of the Nazis

Politico – Barbara Moens / No breakthrough on Russian oil ban in talks between von der Leyen and Orbán

  • Talks between European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Monday ended without a deal to overcome Budapest’s objections to a plan to impose an EU ban on Russian oil.
  • “This evening’s discussion with PM Viktor Orban was helpful to clarify issues related to sanctions and energy security,” von der Leyen tweeted, hours after she unexpectedly traveled to Hungary for talks with the prime minister.
  • “We made progress, but further work is needed. I will convene a VC with regional players to strengthen regional cooperation on oil infrastructure,” she added.
  • In the last few days, Hungary has blocked plans for EU-wide sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s oil industry, which von der Leyen proposed on May 4. Hitting Russian oil sales is seen as vital to limiting a key revenue stream funding Putin’s war in Ukraine.
  • Euractiv / EU considers more cash for eastern states in bid for deal on Russia oil ban

France24 / Macron calls for ‘European political community’ that could include Ukraine, UK

  • France’s President Emmanuel Macron said Monday it would take “decades” for a candidate like Ukraine to join the EU, and suggested building a broader political community of democratic states around the bloc.
  • “Even if we gave them candidate status tomorrow,” he said of Ukraine, “we all know perfectly well that the process of allowing them to join would take several years, in truth doubtless several decades”.
  • But, noting the urgence of giving Ukraine and other EU hopefuls like Moldova and Georgia a place in the heart of Europe, he called for the creation of a “European political community”.
  • Russia invaded Ukraine in February, in part to thwart Kyiv’s tilt towards integration with the EU and NATO, and Georgia and Moldova are also partly occupied by Moscow’s troops.
  • Financial Times – The editorial board / War can be a catalyst for courageous reform in Europe

Financial Times – Leslie Hook / World on course to breach 1.5C warming threshold within five years

  • The world is increasingly likely to experience global warming of 1.5C within the next five years because of record greenhouse gas levels, according to new research that adds to alarming evidence of how quickly the planet is heating.
  • There is a 48 per cent chance earth’s annual temperature will exceed 1.5C of warming, compared with pre-industrial levels, in one of the years between now and 2026, the World Meteorological Organization and the UK Met Office said in a report published on Tuesday.
  • That probability is likely to keep rising, it added. The chance of exceeding 1.5C of warming was close to zero just seven years ago for the subsequent five-year period, according to the data. “If we’re going to keep to 1.5C, that may be difficult now,” said Leon Hermanson, a Met Office researcher who led the report.
  • “The 1.5C figure is not some random statistic,” said Petteri Taalas, WMO secretary-general. “It’s an indicator of the point at which climate impacts will become increasingly harmful for people and indeed the entire planet.”
  • Bloomberg – Eric Roston, Leslie Kaufman and Hayley Warren / How the world’s richest people are driving global warming

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