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EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 07/06/2022

EsadeGeo Daily Digest, 07/06/2022

Financial Times – Ben Hall / Calls for ceasefire in Ukraine are ‘premature’, Estonia’s PM warns

  • Estonia’s prime minister has criticised “premature calls for a ceasefire” in Ukraine by other EU leaders, saying the bloc has to be “prepared for a long war”.
  • Kaja Kallas said the west had already tolerated three Russian land-grabs in Georgia in 2008 and the Crimean peninsula and part of the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine in 2014 and was at risk of repeating the same mistake if it tried to push Kyiv into a settlement with Moscow.
  • “We cannot make that mistake again. We have to be prepared for a long war,” she told reporters during a visit to London, where she held talks with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday.
  • French, Italian and German leaders have recently called for a ceasefire and France’s Emmanuel Macron irked the Ukrainian government over the weekend when he said, for the second time, that it was important for the west not to “humiliate” Russia over the conflict.
  • Foreign Policy – Ravi Agrawal / Former NATO Chief: We ‘overestimated’ Russia’s military

The Guardian / Russia walks out of UN Security Council meeting over claim it is using food as ‘stealth missile’

  • European Council president Charles Michel has accused Russia of using food supplies as “a stealth missile against developing countries”, and blamed the Kremlin for the looming global food crisis, prompting Moscow’s UN ambassador to walk out of a security council meeting.
  • Michel addressed Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia directly at a council meeting on Monday, saying he saw millions of tons of grain and wheat stuck in containers and ships at the Ukrainian port of Odesa a few weeks ago “because of Russian warships in the Black Sea”.
  • He said Moscow’s attacks on Ukraine’s transport infrastructure and grain storage facilities, and its tanks, airstrikes and mines were preventing Ukraine from planting and harvesting.
  • “This is driving up food prices, pushing people into poverty and destabilising entire regions,” Michel said. “Russia is solely responsible for this looming food crisis. Russia alone.”
  • Financial Times – David Pilling / Trouble ahead as the world food crisis starts to bite

The Guardian – Rowena Mason / Boris Johnson wins no-confidence vote despite unexpected large rebellion

  • Boris Johnson was clinging to his premiership on Monday night after 148 of his MPs voted to oust him from Downing Street in a ballot that exposed potentially fatal rifts within his party.
  • The prime minister won the support of 211 MPs but 41% of his party voted to get rid of him, with many citing his lack of repentance over the Partygate scandal and the public’s loss of trust in his leadership. It was the worst verdict on a sitting prime minister by their own party in recent times.
  • Although Johnson and his allies claimed the vote as a victory, many Conservative MPs including some of his supporters believe the attempted coup is the beginning of the end for his three-year premiership.
  • With so many of his party having voted against him, the prime minister has effectively lost his majority support in parliament, with the risk that his government is paralysed.
  • The Economist / The Conservative Party has become factional and rebellious

Euractiv / Climate action must not be delayed by global crises, UN talks told

  • Negotiators from almost 200 countries met in Germany Monday (6 June) for climate talks tasked with reigniting momentum on tackling global warming, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine overshadows the threat from rising emissions.
  • The conference will set the stage for a fresh round of major United Nations talks later this year in Egypt.
  • It will also be a chance to test the resolve of nations facing a catalogue of crises, including escalating climate impacts, geopolitical tensions, bloodshed in Ukraine and the threat of a devastating global food crisis.
  • Issuing a call for international unity to hold firm, outgoing UN climate change chief Patricia Espinosa told delegates it was “not acceptable to say that we are in challenging times”.
  • Project Syndicate – Kristie L. Ebi / Surviving a future of extreme heat

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